sunnuntai 1. huhtikuuta 2018

"Biophilia in us, let's keep in touch with nature"

Heading to Iceland and residency at Gil Artist Residency

My artwork and project will be "Biophilia in us, let's keep in touch with nature". It is an art workshop and an art event through the internet and social media with impact of nature and the artist. I will use performance, installation, livestream and documentation as methods. My art workshop and art event is a sort of research how the artist can through his / her art works and art, interact with the audience and how the work of art transforms and becomes actual through the interaction and through the shared experience. I am working on participative artworks where the experiencer becomes a part of the artwork itself through remote but direct interaction with the artist.
I'll be doing this with a help of 

So stay tuned Instagram marikatomu

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